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         The Borough of Weatherly was founded by Benjamin Romig in 1825 through the purchase of a 400 acre piece of land. The Borough of Weatherly was incorporated on October 8,1863. Starting with the timbering industry and moving forward with the development of the railroad and transportation of coal; the population of the town grew dramatically. Other industries were started that employed vast numbers of the population of the town and surrounding communities and even one classified as the largest in the world.

          The town had influences that were noteworthy in our region and the country; individuals such as Asa Packer, Charles Schwab, James Audubon, and has touched the lives of Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt and Alice Roosevelt.

          Over the years; the development of the Weatherly School District, Weatherly Foundry and Castings, Weatherwood and Heritage Hill; facilities for the care of the aged, have made an important contribution to the towns development Eurana Park and the Schwab School as well as the Lehigh Valley Railroad Shops are legacies that will continue to remind us of those that came before us; and what they did to develop this town. Self-sufficient; is a word that describes the town of Weatherly, from the early years of this community; generating its own electricity, providing water to its residents and managing its resources, providing protection, Weatherly, has and will continue to provide for each and every resident; a quality of life that has been passed down and revered by their ancestors.



Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

Sponsored by: Weatherly Lions Club and Weatherly Community Chest

The Annual Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled for 1:30 in the afternoon on Saturday, March 28th at the Eurana Park ballfield.


Children, ages 2 through 8 are welcome to participate. This year there will be separate egg opening areas and prize tables at each age group location to help alleviate long waiting lines. Parents should be prepared for this if they bring children of different ages to the park.

News & Events

  • The Borough of Weatherly Announces The Street Sweeping Schedule View the Street Sweeping Schedule here...

  • One-Way Traffic Residents are asked to take note: Butz Street from High Street to West Main Street shall be One-Way Traffic moving in a NORTHERLY direction ONLY from November 1, 2014 through April 15, 2015 as stated in Ordinance 91-17.

  • More Events...

Borough News

Doyle Heffley Opens A Satellite Office In Weatherly.
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2014 Water Quality Report is now available:
Click here to download The 2013 Annual Drinking Water Report (PDF).

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