Effective May 28, 2015, PA State Representative, Doyle Heffley, of the 122nd Legislative District announces a change in the location of his satellite office in Weatherly. The Weatherly Borough Office, Council Room, 10 Wilbur St., Weatherly, PA will now serve the surrounding communities as a satellite office the first Thursday of every month between 9:00 a.m. & 1:00 p.m. A representative of Doyle Heffley’s office will be available to help with such things as:


          - Obtain birth or death certificates.
          - Obtain copies of House and Senate legislation.
          - Provide state maps and publications.
          - Distribute applications for higher education grants and various professional programs.
          - Enlist the services of State Health and Welfare Services.
          - Answer questions on Pennsylvania income tax, senior citizens property tax and rent rebates, financial aid to students.


Follow-up on licensing applications, unemployment compensation problems, welfare applications, income tax rebates.

For more information on how Representative Heffly can help you, visit his website for additional services at

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**NEW** Doyle Heffley Opens A Satellite Office In Weatherly.
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